Horus Business Process Tools, Content, Suites and Solutions

Whenever there are changes in a company, business processes form the basis for the changes to be made. This applies to the implementation of new business models as well as to digitization projects or organizational improvements. The quality of the implementation of the process changes is a critical factor for success. PROMATIS has found that communication of the change is best understood through easy to follow graphical models; models that also outline a basis for process implementation, organizational learning and knowledge management. Model-based Business Process Management is crucial and Horus offers the tools and methodology making this possible!

Based on strategic distribution and solution partner contract with the manufacturer Horus software GmbH, PROMATIS distributes the complete Horus product portfolio, worldwide. The product is either deployed on-premise or as a software services from the Horus Public Cloud or Private Cloud.

Business Process Tools

  • Horus Business Modeler
    Graphic based software tool for modeling, simulation, documentation and publication of business processes on the web or on mobile devices. The tool supports all elements of the Horus method, showing the development from strategy analysis to the finished business process model. In addition to business processes, business objects, organizational structures and elements for risk and performance management are taken into account.
  • Horus Private Community
    Horus is designed to be used across an entire business community that includes not only internal users but also non-corporate users, typically business partners, consultants or experts. To ensure confidentiality in community collaboration, a private social network is established and is accessed through a user-friendly portal on the web and on mobile devices.


  • Horus BP4Apps
    Horus BP4Apps stands for “Business Processes for Oracle Cloud Applications”. In a Horus Private Community, the client has access to a comprehensive knowledge base that provides deep insights into the technical structures of Oracle Cloud Applications. The knowledge base consists of easy-to-understand, logically linked models that provide different views of the user-relevant aspects of the Oracle Cloud Applications. Licensing is done by-the-module according to the Oracle Applications Cloud module structure.
  • Horus Knowledge Bases
    Digital knowledge management at its best. The knowledge base contains the experience gathered from hundreds of client projects from diverse industries. These are available to the client in the form of predefined quality-assured models, in which numerous business processes are documented and serve as reference models for the user when planning, modeling and optimizing their own business processes.

Suites: Horus + Oracle PaaS

  • Horus BPM Suite
    The Horus Business Process Management Suite combines the Horus business process tools (Business Modeler, Private Community) with the Oracle Process Cloud Service, bridging the gap from user-centric process design to process implementation and execution with integrated monitoring. Predefined best practice application templates are an integral part of the suite.
  • Horus PKM Suite
    The Horus Process Knowledge Management Suite combines the Horus business process tools (Business Modeler, Private Community) with the Oracle Content and Experience Cloud Service. The model-based Horus Process Knowledge Management opens up the entire world of integrated content and experience management to the user. Preconfigured best practice application templates are an integral part of the suite.

Solutions: Social Labs

  • Horus Social BPM Lab
    Sustainable organizational improvements are only possible if the business process design uses the experience of all stakeholders: the entire business community. In the Horus Social BPM Lab, we provide a social network in the Horus Cloud in which the business community — following a methodical procedure — jointly designs, understands, analyzes and improves processes.
  • Horus Social Innovation Lab
    Organizations can only unleash their innovative power if innovation management is maintained and when, in addition to internal knowledge bearers, business, research and development partners and consultants are involved as well. For such innovation communities, the Horus Social Innovation Lab offers a cloud-based social network and a proven methodology.
  • Horus Social Learning Lab
    Processes of change, especially in the context of digitization, call for modern learning methods for a requirements-based qualification of the staff. With the Horus Social Learning Lab, the learning community has access to a social network in which organizational learning becomes a shared experience. Collaboration ensures efficiency and fun while learning. The result: better learning accomplishment and motivation for change.