Social Innovation: Collaborative Innovation Processes in Distributed Innovation-Communities

Globalization and the constant availability of new and disruptive technologies increases the pressure for innovation on companies from all sectors. In most cases, companies are aware of the necessary change requirements, but in some cases, there is a lack of methods and tools to use their own innovative power in a sustainable manner. In practice, it has become apparent that organizations can only develop their full innovative strength if innovation management is maintained and if all parties in the business from internal knowledge bearers, external business, research and development partners and consultants are involved as well. For such innovation communities, the Horus Social Innovation Lab offers a cloud-based social network and a proven methodology.

Horus Social Innovation Lab: Collaboration in Social Innovation Networks

Horus Social Innovation Labs understand innovation as an ongoing process in which the members of the innovation community continuously exchange ideas about innovation-related topics. This ongoing exchange is referred to as a “Living Lab” and is complemented by web-based events (“Lab Sessions”) and personal meetings within the community or in special interest groups. Community communication is structured in the form of process models that describe novel services (service innovations) as well as use scenarios in the context of technology innovations. The model-centered exchange within the community fosters the creativity of the community members and allows for a timely reflection of the ideas by the community through the use of the Horus Private Community. In the Horus Social Innovation Lab, the innovation process is placed in a strategic context by visualizing innovative goals, strategies, risks, key figures and the like within models.

PROMATIS: Solution Partner for Social Innovation

For the Horus Social Innovation Labs, PROMATIS offers a complete range of services that are available in the form of training, consulting and tailored solutions:

  • Horus Social Innovation Lab Introduction
    Configuring a cloud-based Horus Private Community as an Innovation Community. Webinar for a short introduction for community members. Role-specific training, online or on-site.
  • Dedicated roles in the lab
    The Horus Method defines specific roles that can be taken on by PROMATIS consultants, either initially or over a defined period of time: Lab moderation, quality management, leadership of special interest groups, expert support as needed (“Expert On Demand”).
  • Strategy Analysis and Kicking Off the Innovation Process
    Conducting analyzes and workshops to define the strategic context for the innovation process. Customization of the included Best Practice Innovation templates. Moderating the kick-off session.