Business Process Improvement Through Hidden Process Knowledge Analysis

Is the performance of your business process meeting your defined goals? Does the process show a behavior that deviates significantly from the requirements and expectations? Are you finding that previously high-performing processes can no longer cope with the additional volume of business transactions? If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then it is time to start looking into process mining. Process mining examines the digital traces left by the business processes in the IT systems used and reconstructs the existing business process in all its variations. With business process mining we are able to analyze valuable process knowledge by means of a multidimensional analysis, which allows an objective assessment of the process and provides valuable insights for process improvement.

Celonis Process Mining: SEE. UNDERSTAND. IMPROVE.

Celonis SE has developed an innovative process mining product that extracts and distributes digital process traces in real-time from a variety of source systems (including Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Applications Cloud, MS Dynamics AX/NAV, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and SAP) and links them with each other using any metric, all the way down to the single document level. On this basis, the processes are reconstructed and visualized in numerous variations. Celonis automatically detects vulnerabilities and deviations from the target process. It is also possible to search specifically for compliance violations and unnecessary process steps and delays. As an added bonus Celonis can be used systematically as well as purely exploratively. With just a few mouse clicks, the analytical results become the premise for actions and decision-making steps. In the Story-Mode one can quickly and dynamically create meaningful analytics for strategic and operational management. Celonis Proactive Insights Engine (PI), which uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to bring even more automation into process mining.

PROMATIS: Your Partner for Process Mining in Oracle Applications

Process Mining is an integral part of the PROMATIS service portfolio for Business Process Excellence. Based on a system integrator agreement with the manufacturer, in our process mining projects, we use the products of Celonis SE, which are available on-premise or in the Celonis Cloud. Our role is that of a data scientist who combines process mining expertise with profound Oracle application and technology expertise. Together with the client, we identify potential for improvement and explore actionable options. Our service portfolio can be outlined as follows:

  • Software installation
    Support for the installation and maintenance of the Celonis software as well as the connection of processes.
  • Creation of analyses
    Creation of tables and graphical evaluation with ready-made analyses and development of customized analysis.
  • Reconstruction of the actual process models
    Use of the analysis results for the reconstruction of the business process models and documentation either in BPMN or Horus.
  • Interpretation of the analysis results
    Use of the analysis results to answer typical process mining questions. Derive actionable options to achieve process improvements.
  • Implementation of process improvements
    Participation in the definition of improvement programs and projects. Implementation support through project management, organizational change management, and quality assurance.

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