Business Process Insight for Governance and Effective Risk Management

The digital world is constantly striving to provide customers, business partners and employees, with new and better experiences. In a race to be the best, technology companies are providing you with an unprecedented amount of options. When your company is trying to decipher what product will help them succeed in meeting the requirements in terms of governance and risk management, what is the right way to go? That answer can be found in Business Process Excellence, which offers transparency and a deep insight into the business processes that creates the necessary conditions.

Horus Knowledge Bases: Best Practice for Digital Process Knowledge Management

Managing the knowledge of a company’s business processes often fails due to the high cost of acquisition and ongoing maintenance of the knowledge base, not to mention the unwillingness of the knowledge carriers to reveal what they know. The digital process is no different when trying to manage a knowledge database. With our partner Horus we are able to offer the solution: Best Practice Process Knowledge. The easy to understand Horus Knowledge Bases are created with the Horus Business Modeler and are made available to the business community via the Horus Portal. The knowledge bases contain the experience gained in hundreds of client projects in different industries. These are available to the client in the form of predefined quality assured models, in which numerous business processes are mapped, which serve as reference models for the user when planning, modeling and optimizing their own business processes. Currently the following Knowledge Bases are offered:

  • Customer Experience
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Manufacturing & Maintenance
  • Financials, Projects and Controlling
  • Human Capital Management

Tip: For Oracle Cloud Applications user, dedicated knowledge bases are available with Horus BP4Apps!

Horus PKM Suite: Integration of Process and Experience Knowledge

PROMATIS has proven its performance in process knowledge management for many years by using ready-made best practice models and a trusting cooperation with a well-versed expert. The client is able to make a quick, risk-free and sustainable start into process knowledge management.

In the project practice, we experience again and again that after the first successes, the need to profit from the experience and knowledge in the business community arises. Voilà! The Horus Process Knowledge Management Suite provides a solution for the integration of process and experiential knowledge. The Horus Process Knowledge Management Suite combines the Horus business process tools (Business Modeler, Private Community) with the Oracle Content and Experience Cloud Service. The model-based Horus Process Knowledge Management opens up the entire world of integrated content and experience management to the user. Predefined best practice application templates are integral parts of the suite.