Model Driven Management of Digitized Business Processes

For more than 25 years PROMATIS has been recognized for providing outstanding business processes and innovative information technologies. In close cooperation with leading research institutes, PROMATIS repeatedly succeeds as a leader in introducing innovative methods, software tools and automation technologies. PROMATIS is an expert in Business Process Management, which is a huge advantage to the PROMATIS client.

Social Business Process Engineering

Models are the foundation of every PROMATIS BPM project. Business and IT experts work together to develop business process models that define business processes, organizational structures, information objects, and business rules. Easy-to-understand graphical models enable efficient forms of communication. Tools such as Horus Business Modeler use social BPM to support a collaborative approach to visualizing, documenting, analyzing and simulating models and providing valuable starting points for process optimization. Horus offers best practice models that enable the user rapid business process design for selected industries and processes.

Digitization with Oracle Process and Integration Technologies

To digitize business processes, PROMATIS prefers to use the Oracle process and integration technologies deployed on premise or in the Oracle Public Cloud:

Business process governance and sustainable business processes

The way we do business is constantly changing, in large part due to new and advanced technologies. Today’s business is constantly faced with challenges such as adapting new business models, strategies, changes in buyer behavior, and remaining competitive in a technology driven age. Our solution to this is Business Process Insight for internal and external process participants and on-going business process performance monitoring. The monitoring results go into a continuous business process improvement process, which we consider indispensable for sustainable business process excellence.

Our tip: The Horus BPM Suite combines the Horus Business Process Tools with the Oracle Process Cloud Service, bridging the gap from user-centric process design to process implementation and execution with integrated monitoring. Predefined best practice application templates are integral parts of the suite.