Model-Driven Business Process Management in Oracle Digitization Solutions

For more than 25 years PROMATIS has been recognized for providing outstanding business processes and innovative Oracle technologies. PROMATIS has continued to be a pioneer in their field, most recently they introduced business process modeling tools that extend the Oracle development environment. Also releasing Oracle applications with best practice reference models and the reference process based SaaS Kickstart Solutions. The PROMATIS experts have worked in collaboration with renowned research institutes to develop trend setting methods and tools for the Oracle Business Process Management platform. At the beginning of every PROMATIS BPM project, models are put front to ensure clearly defined requirements, high quality, fast implementation and ease of use by the end user.

Oracle Process Technologies in the Cloud and On-Premise

The process a company uses to digitalize technology play a major role, these processes must provide agility in the development and deployment, as well as be able to adapt to new and changing requirements at any time. Oracle provides a rich set of tools that offer security and scalability, as well as “Out of the Box” functionality that minimizes the need for programming.

  • Oracle SOA Suite (On-Premise)
    Complete suite for building a service-oriented architecture (SOA). Management of BPEL processes, web services and complex events, business rules and the service bus with hundreds of applications adapters are the most important features for implementing BPM solutions. Pre-Made reference processes and integration components ensure a high return on investment
  • Oracle SOA Cloud
    In the SOA Cloud Service Components of the Oracle SOA Suite are deployed in the Oracle Public Cloud allowing for digitalization projects to be implemented even faster! Administrators have full access to the SOA suite software for tuning, configuration, and monitoring activities. In SaaS integration the SOA Cloud impresses with included cloud adapters and REST/JSON and SOAP/XML features.
  • Oracle Process Cloud
    BPMN 2.0 based process automation solution. Included: a 100% web-based design tool that lets you build applications from processes, forms, rules, documents, services and data, all without programing. Reliable SOAP and REST interfaces integrate Oracle and non-Oracle applications.
  • Oracle Integration Cloud
    This integration platform claims NO Code Integration, which offers solutions for application integration, process automation and adaptive case management. It comes with ready made integrations, 100+ SaaS adapters, a visual development environment, and rich analytic capabilities.
  • Oracle API Platform Cloud
    Complex applications are increasingly being developed from independent micro services that communicate through an application programming interface (API). In practice, such API’s can be very expensive. Oracle provides a solution for the entire lifecycle of the API, from design through development and deployment to monitoring API usage.
  • Oracle IoT Cloud
    Complete system for connecting sensors, actuators and cyber-physical systems via the Internet of Thing to business process and enterprise applications. Features include real-time analysis of incoming data streams with even aggregation and filtering as well as enrichment of data with contextual information.

PROMATIS Best Practice for Processes and Integration

Our experience in working with solutions based on Oracle process and integration technologies is enhanced with the expertise of our consultants, developers and with our ready-made best practice solutions.

  • Oracle PaaS Kickstart
    With the Kickstart Program, PROMATIS enables a smart entry into the use of platform services from the Oracle Public Cloud providing a fast, economical, and low risk implementation. PROMATIS combines a well-coordinated, pre-configured Oracle PaaS product bundle with best practice application templates and proven PROMATIS implementation and training services. All in the form of a fixed scope/fixed price offer. For processes and integration, the following Kickstarts are available:
       – Oracle Process Cloud Kickstart
       – Oracle Integration Cloud Kickstart
       – Oracle IoT Cloud Kickstart
  • Hours BPM Suite
    The Hours Business Process Management Suite connects the Hours business process tools (Business Modeler, Private Community) with the Oracle Process Cloud Service and bridges the gap from user-oriented process design to process implementation and execution with integrated monitoring. Predefined best practice application templates are an integral part of the suite. Horus has a variety of pre-built reference business process models available, among other for the Oracle Applications Cloud.