Oracle Data Analytics

Present day business faces many challenges that call for powerful data analysis technologies. Technologies that can assist in making the best decisions for a business in a timely manner, while also taking into account the evaluation of development and research results. Oracle being a global leader in offering innovative technologies, provides a complete portfolio of technologies for collecting, managing and evaluating data of all types, with scalability and security.

PROMATIS has partnered with Oracle for more than 20 years and has first hand knowledge of the power of Oracle-based data analytics solutions. The partnership between PROMATIS and Oracle has impowered us to build a strong team of specialists that possess expertise in business management and technical know-how. In addition to Oracle products, we also use third party products on client projects, including SAP BW and Business Objects, Cognos, Informatica and QlikView. We understand that data is the new currency of the digital economy, and therefore offer our clients a comprehensive portfolio of data analytics solutions.

  • Oracle Analytics Platform
    Comprehensive cloud-based platform for visual data analysis, planning, budgeting, and forecasting. On this platform, we develop future-proof analytics solutions with potential, focusing on the following products:
       – Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service, the comprehensive platform for analysis, visualization and reporting
       – Oracle Essbase Cloud, the market-leading server for multidimensional analyses and forecasts
       – Oracle Data Visualization for fast graphical visualization and analysis
       – Oracle Synopsis and Oracle Day by Day for Mobile Analytics
  • Oracle On-Premise Business Intelligence
    Robust platform for data analytics on a variety of data types, including self-service and mobile applications.
  • Analytics Cloud Applications
    Ready-made analysis dashboards and reports from the public cloud: role-specific, industry-specific.
  • Big Data
    Implementation of ambitious information management strategies that leverage structured business data alongside new data types that are not collected conventionally by means of data entry but by using social media or machine-generated data. For this we work with the Oracle Big Data product portfolio in all fields of activity: Aggregate, Manage, Experiment, Analyze and Act. Client projects also use common open source technologies, including Apache Hadoop, HBase, Apache Kafka, and Spark.