Value-Based Content and Experience Management

The demands to produce content have never been greater than they are today, and the amount required from companies to create so they stay completive in the marketplace continues to grow. In order to generate the necessary value and traffic intended, this content must be discoverable at all times, and the information intended for delivery needs to be consistent across all channels. With the tools made available on the Oracle Content and Experience Cloud, Oracle is able to provide a single hub for managing data of all types and coming from many places. Powerful features for collaboration, visual web page creation, and omnichannel publishing enable fast and easy content creation and distribution. It can be used for sales, marketing, and customer service, in personnel management, in collaborative research and development processes, in knowledge management, and in combination with ERP systems in administrative processes.

Content-Based Digitization Solutions

Over the course of several product generations, PROMATIS has gained extensive experience in the realization of content-based business processes. This experience ranges from the technical installation of content management systems through the technical introduction and training to the accompanying change management. We also have in-depth experience in content management systems integration with process management systems as well as ERP, CX and HCM systems. The Oracle Content and Experience Cloud is now the ideal platform for content-based digitization solutions. The Content Hub becomes the center for collaborative business process execution, secure and reliable management of the company’s digital assets, and knowledge and experience management, across all organizational boundaries.

Our experience in realizing solutions based on Oracle Content and Experience products is brought to clients not only by means of our consultants’ and developers’ expertise but also through ready-made best practice solutions:

  • Oracle Content and Experience Cloud Kickstart
    With Kickstart, PROMATIS enables a smart entry into the use of Content and Experience Cloud Services: fast, economical, and low-risk. In the Fixed Scope and Fixed Price Kickstart offerings, PROMATIS combines a well-coordinated, pre-configured product bundle with best practice application templates and proven PROMATIS implementation and training services.
  • Horus PKM Suite
    The Horus Process Knowledge Management Suite combines the Horus business process tools (Business Modeler, Private Community) with the Oracle Content and Experience Cloud Service. The model-based Horus Process Knowledge Management opens up the entire world of integrated content and experience management to the user. Predefined best practice application templates are an integral part of the suite.