Pre-Built Analysis Dashboards and Reports From the Oracle Public Cloud

In the Analytics Cloud, Oracle has put together a comprehensive suite of cloud service products for data analysis and decision support. PROMATIS uses the Oracle Analytics Cloud Applications for tailor-made customer solutions and extends them as needed based on the Oracle Analytics platform services. The analytics applications are equipped with flexibly configurable ETL components so that diverse data sources can be used: Oracle Cloud Applications, Oracle On-Premise Applications (E-Business Suite, JD Edwards, Siebel, PeopleSoft), but also enterprise applications from other manufacturers (Infor , Microsoft, Salesforce, SAP, Workday, etc.) as well as individual client applications.

The PROMATIS project experience spans the full portfolio of Oracle Analytic Applications:

  • Human Resources Analytics
    Employee productivity can be measured, monitored and increased. Not only can the staff’s top and bottom performance be determined, but talents can also be recognized and committed better to the company. In addition, the success of own initiatives is measurable.
  • Sales Analytics
    Notifications about up- and cross-sell opportunities help increase the accuracy of sales forecasts and identify the best customers and most profitable products.
  • Marketing Analytics
    Effectively validate marketing campaigns in real time, with the result being that success factors for lead conversion can be measured. Also, individual campaign results can be compared to metrics.
  • Customer Service Analytics
    Bottlenecks in the call center can be detected more easily. This can significantly reduce solution times and satisfy the customer at their first request.
  • Finance Analytics
    With the help of up-to-date information, compliance can be proven, profitability can be measured, and company value can be secured. This allows for company-wide transparency of all revenue and expenditure.
  • Project Management Analytics
    Automated alerts, metrics, collaboration dashboards and reports are provided in each phase of the project. This keeps all stakeholders informed about the budget.
  • Procurement Analytics
    Gives insight into the direct and indirect spending of global accounts, creates transparency about potential savings, and enables cost reductions.
  • Supply Chain Analytics
    Inventory, orders, and fulfillment can be analyzed and evaluated to strategically optimize the supply network reaction behavior.