Our Promise: Our Achievements create Values with Lasting Effect for our Customers

This achievement promise underlines the prominent meaning which we attach to our customers. It is our mission to create values on which our customer can build upon not only briefly but also in the medium and long term. We understand challenging customer projects as engines that drive our product innovations and service innovations and urge us to improve our quality constantly.

Branch-covering Service Portfolio – Branch-oriented Implementation

The PROMATIS service portfolio is used branch-covering. Our customers include worldwide operating groups, enterprise areas up to mid-size stamped enterprises, associations and the public sector. Our principle is to straighten services, software products and solutions in the customer project strictly to the requirements of the branch and customized needs. Following this principle we have worked on a huge number of settings of tasks in different branches successfully.

Target Industries

In the following you will find industries where we bring in not only technical and business process expertise but also industry-specific know-how to your projects. Please feel free to contact us for more information about reference projects.

  • Financial Services:
    Banks, insurances, leasing, factoring, collections
  • Trade:
    Stationary and online commerce, wholesale, retail, mail order, commodities trade
  • Communication and Media:
    Telecommunication (business and private customers, internet, mobile and fixed lines, cable TV), publishers, IT, media
  • Logistics:
    Procurement logistics, production logistics, distribution logistics, disposal logistics, spare part logistics
  • Public Sector plus:
    Federal authorities, local authorities, public research, federations, professional associations
  • Producing Industries:
    Hightech manufacturing industry, electronics, automotive (manufacturers, suppliers), machine- and plant construction (manufacturers, suppliers), building industry, chemistry, pharmaceutical production, life sciences, refineries, paper industry, wood processing industry
  • Services:
    Distribution, marketing, contact center incl. call center, tourism, IT and business consulting, technical services and certification, facility management, health care
  • Utilities and Recycling:
    Water supply, power supply, reprocessing, recycling