Intelligent Business Processes and Technology Competence from a Single Source

PROMATIS is a team of committed creators. We develop solutions for the profitable optimization and automation of your business, with holistic understanding and in-depth expertise. As a leader in technology and innovation, we think through and master complex business processes. PROMATIS stands for the synergetic interaction of business processes and modern Oracle technologies for process optimization.

Digitization breaks its course into all circles of modern companies. No area remains untouched. As an expert in digital transformation, PROMATIS supports companies on their way into their digital future. It is not enough to selectively tackle only a few processes in which rapidly exploitable potentials are suspected, but an enterprise-wide digital transformation is required that puts all business processes to the test and taps their digitizability. The decisive factor for the sustainable success of transformation programs is a holistic view of business models, strategies, processes and corporate architecture in conjunction with the consistent planning and implementation of transformation projects.

Excellent Blueprints for the Digital Economy

PROMATIS stands for efficiency and sustainable business model success! The key to this is agile business processes that act as blueprints for the digital economy. This requires a construction plan that is generally understandable and easy to communicate, but with so much agility that it can adapt quickly and flexibly to changing markets and environmental conditions at any time.

This blueprint must allow for different perspectives of the digital economy: a consistent strategic business vision with business goals, strategies and objective risk assessment, as well as a comprehensive definition of business processes.
Models are at the beginning of every PROMATIS engagement. Our business and IT experts work with the client to develop business process models in which they define business processes, organizational structures, information objects, and business rules. Easy-to-understand graphic models enable particularly efficient forms of communication. Smart software tools support the documentation, analysis, and simulation of the models and provide valuable starting points for process optimization. For selected industries and reference processes, PROMATIS provides best practice models that enable a true rapid business process design.

Innovation Through a Lively Partner Network

Global and networked thinking form the foundation for successful entrepreneurial action at PROMATIS. This is reflected not only in the design of the products and services demanded worldwide, but also in the intensive cooperation with efficient partners. Oracle is the world’s largest enterprise software vendor with the most complete product spectrum and innovation in the market. For more than two decades, PROMATIS has been closely associated with the national and international Oracle organization. Cooperation with research and teaching institutions and the mutual exchange of ideas with these institutions are also integral parts of our relationship management. Thus, PROMATIS offers future-proof solutions by means of superior knowledge and innovation management, which is characterized by a lively cooperation with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and talents from the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion.