PROMATIS Enterprise Cloud Services for Human Capital Management

Modern human resource management requires modern tools. The PROMATIS Cloud Services for Human Capital Management combine advanced technologies with highly integrated best practice functionality. The core of the PROMATIS Cloud Services is made up of the Oracle solutions HCM Cloud and Taleo. The solution modules are available for use as a public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud or on-premise.

Currently, the following process modules are available, which can be acquired as individual services or be orchestrated into a customized complete solution:

  • Staff management (Employer Self-Service, Manager Self-Service, Digital Personnel File)
  • Talent Management
  • Target Agreement Systems
  • Performance Management
  • Recruiting and Social Recruiting
  • Learning Platforms
  • Salary Management (Compensation + Benefits)
  • Payroll (Payroll Services + Payroll Integration)
  • Timesheets (time + labor)

Oracle HCM Cloud

With the Oracle HCM Cloud, we have a global human resource management system available that lets us handle personnel processes of varying complexity, which can be configured to company-specific needs. An employee’s entire employment cycle (Hire2Exit) is supported, paired with a variety of self-service functionalities (MSS + ESS). The focus on the most intuitive handling allows the human resources management to concentrate on the essentials:

Bringing the right people at the right time to the right place!

“Real-time business” becomes a reality with the modular design of the HCM Cloud with various integration options and transaction-based business intelligence (OLTBI). The possibility to involve external, unstructured data (so-called Big Data) into the internal business processes opens up entirely new approaches to measurability and assessability of recruitment and / or training measures.

The visual representation of trends such as the digital personnel file and the “electronic payslip” as well as cross-functional talent management, but also extensive functions for ensuring governance and compliance requirements ideally support companies in the war for talent.

Oracle Taleo

The Taleo Cloud Services enable medium and large enterprises to find, retain and develop the best candidates with the right skills.

As the most comprehensive cloud-based talent management platform in the industry, Taleo Cloud Services offer both the automation of recruitment processes involving own career sites and external career portals as well as social recruiting: employee recommendations and social networks to discover Big Talent! Sustainable employer branding, associated with a high reach is therefore a cinch.

ADP Payroll Cloud

ADP has 15.5 percent market share in HR business process outsourcing, being the global leader for such solutions. Thanks to our partnership with ADP, we can offer holistic HR management and business process outsourcing in addition to the integration of your existing payroll solution. Our services for you at a glance:

  • Payroll solutions
  • Payroll outsourcing
  • Payroll integration

Business process outsourcing describes a special variant of outsourcing processes, where a part of a company’s operational structure is outsourced to an external service provider. Meanwhile, one of two companies in Germany is considering business process outsourcing, because it offers an enormous number of advantages:

These include the high quality of service by the leading business process outsourcing specialists for payroll and expense management as well as security through ratings and certifications by external institutions for the company as a whole and for their own staff.

Furthermore, benefits include especially the concentration on core competencies and potential savings of up to 40 percent in personnel administration. This, in turn, results in free resources within the company.

The payroll integration into the HCM Cloud allows managing staff in a single system without the need for further operating systems. All information is centrally maintained, the necessary information, a variety of reports and dashboards are available directly in the HCM Cloud.

ADP business process outsourcing for payroll simplifies operational HR management: Local Payroll solutions are no longer necessary, they allow companies to focus on their core business, and it can be fully integrated into the HCM Cloud—the ADP Payroll Cloud!