Oracle Supply Chain Planning Cloud

The Supply Chain Planning Cloud offers a modern and comprehensive solution to optimize supply chain efficiency for manufacturing companies.

Based on the advanced Oracle solutions for Advanced Supply Chain Planning (ASCP), a modular solution in the cloud was developed for the overall management of the supply chain using service-oriented architectures and advanced business intelligence technologies, which integrates seamlessly into existing IT system landscapes.

By integrating the entire supply chain in a comprehensive, collaborative planning system, the Supply Chain Planning Cloud provides the ideal base for capacity smoothing in production and it reduces the risk of so-called whiplash effects or bullwhip effects along the value added chain. The SOA-based integration architecture of the Supply Chain Planning Cloud ensures simple connection to existing ERP solutions and the rapid development of a comprehensive, common solution for supply chain planning.

The Supply Chain Planning Cloud currently offers the following modules:

  • Oracle Planning Central Cloud
    Planning Central, a central planning component, forecasts requirements, manages security stocks, and controls the entire supply chain. Based on existing data from the operational source systems, overall material and resource plans can thus be generated in a very short time. The powerful scheduling algorithms already included with the solution offer the possibility to carry out simulations with alternative “what-if” scenarios, which can detect even complex problems in the supply chain with lasting effect.

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