Oracle Project Management Cloud

The Project Management Cloud offers far more than just a solution for managing your projects. Rather, it provides a holistic overview of all facets of the project, enabling you to reach your goals faster and more efficiently.

With this cloud solution, projects can be optimized coherently and as a whole. Modern tools and methods for project management provide a comprehensive service, which uses open optimization potentials. Moreover, this solution can be easily integrated in both Oracle Cloud environments as well as in existing solutions.

Particular advantages are offered by the high speed at which tasks are handled and relationships can be identified. This enables you to complete your project quickly and efficiently and thus achieve high productivity and success. This cloud solution supports you in planning with modern tools and the integration with social networks. So collaboration can take place both locally and on the go, as well as in social projects and task management. Not least, this increases staff motivation to work and operate across borders.

The solution covers project management, task management, resource management and analysis. Individual components from the entire solution can be selected; they are listed here:

  • Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud
    Supports the work of project driven businesses through efficient project management and ensures smarter business decisions based on a single source of information.
  • Oracle Project Management Cloud Service
    The solution was developed with a focus on meeting the needs of project managers, regardless of their experience. Also integrated: The Transactional BI for Projects Cloud Service.
  • Oracle Task Management Cloud Service
    With Oracle Task Management Cloud Service all project-based tasks can be managed at a consolidated site, together with the associated communication. All tasks are organized in this tool. Includes: The Transactional BI for Projects Cloud Service.
  • Oracle Project Resource Management Cloud Service
    With Oracle Project Resource Management Cloud Service project resources are managed and controlled comprehensively. The comprehensive integration of skills management and employee absences result in a holistic picture of capacity, availability and performance of all project resources. Includes: Talent Management Base Cloud Service, Network-at-work.

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For more information, please visit: Project Management Cloud.