Oracle Project Financial Management Cloud

This cloud solution is a comprehensive and integrated solution for cost monitoring and project accounting, based on leading Oracle technologies.

The Project Financial Management Cloud offers modern, enterprise-wide solutions, particularly focusing on project orientation, looking at complete and integrated cost control on pending projects. Here, a quick overview enables targeted control and efficient controlling. Various management areas benefit from this solution, as well as individual departments.

The solution focuses on project facts that can be processed and represented centrally and from a single source. In addition, this instrument offers a solution to control costs, which enables optimized process cost planning. In this way, the project goals are in the foreground at all times and can be controlled ideally. Cash flows with accurate billing and revenue management for project contracts are just some of the improvements that are achievable with this solution.

Whether in the area of project costs controlling, project billing and contracts, grants management or analysis, with this cloud solution you hold all the reins in your hands without losing sight of the overall goal.

Current modules of Oracle Project Financial Management Cloud

  • Oracle Project Costing Cloud Service
    Comprehensive and highly automated functionality for project costing and project cost management.
  • Oracle Project Billing Cloud Service and Oracle Project Contracts Cloud Service
    These are modules for project contracts management and project-based billing. By separating planning and execution of project work by means of a comprehensive, integrated solution the complete control over contract terms, fees and limits is made possible. This includes determining when and how milestones are recognized and invoices can be issued.
  • Oracle Project Control Cloud Service
    Oracle Project Control is a user-oriented solution for the critical management of financial and budgetary aspects of projects, the use of an intuitive interface for simplified planning as well as for budgeting in terms of optimal financial control.
  • Oracle Grants Management Cloud Service
    This is a solution for efficient funds management for educational institutions, government agencies or non-profit companies, including the proper management of grants.
  • Oracle Project Performance Reporting Cloud Service
    Project Performance Reporting provides comprehensive analysis and reporting functionalities based on a multidimensional data warehouse.
  • Budgetary Control and Encumbrance Accounting
    This is a comprehensive and integrated solution with advanced budget preparation, proactive control and monitoring of budget consumption and robust query and reporting capabilities.

For more information, please visit: Oracle Project Financial Management Cloud.