Oracle Procurement Cloud

The right material, at the right place, at the right time. This is what the Procurement Cloud allows for.

With this solution you will not only optimize your procurement processes. At the same time you will have reached a new level of modernization. Through automation and collaboration through social networks you can control the procurement and incidentally save costs easily. Higher profit margins are thus possible as well as an efficient and comprehensive control over the purchasing process. In this way, procurement processes can be simplified and their efficiency can be increased. All this accelerates the value enormously. The modules enable for operational purchasing, strategic sourcing, catalog management, self-service procurement, flexible contract management, and a clear supplier management with comprehensive self-service functionalities.

A fast introduction is provided by our Oracle Procurement Cloud Kickstart.

Oracle Procurement Cloud modules

  • Purchasing
    Oracle Purchasing is a module for managing the operational purchasing and forms the ideal basis for the transformation of purchasing processes. As an integral part of Oracle Procurement, Purchasing offers a consistent view of all purchasing activities and diverse automation options for routine tasks with its dashboard-based workplace.
  • Sourcing
    This is the optimal solution to map strategic purchasing processes and for comprehensive tender management for RFIs, RFQs and contract negotiations. As an integral part of Oracle Procurement, Oracle Sourcing is the next-generation application for intelligent negotiations. Associated tool: The Fusion Transactional BI for Procurement Cloud Service. Also, please consider our Oracle Sourcing Cloud Kickstart Solution and let us convince you.
  • Procurement Contracts
    Get full insight into contracts, shorten cycle times, and manage compliance with Oracle Procurement Contracts. As an important part of the Oracle Procurement and Enterprise Contract Management solutions, Oracle Procurement Contracts is the next-generation application for complex contract management. Additionally included: Fusion Enterprise Contracts Management Base Cloud Service, Fusion Transactional BI for Procurement Cloud Service.
  • Self Service Procurement
    This is a user-friendly solution for managing goods and service requests. Oracle Self Service Procurement provides the best features of an e-commerce website with tools to control expenditure, so you can put a lock on purchasing and spend the time saved on what really matters: your success!
  • Supplier Qualification Management
    Oracle Supplier Qualification Management Cloud Service is a comprehensive qualification management system to improve supplier compliance, data accuracy and visibility.
  • Supplier Portal
    Oracle Supplier Portal improves communication and cooperation with suppliers. This dynamic and safe solution provides better supplier and performance management.

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