Oracle Order Management Cloud

The Oracle Order Management Cloud Service provides an integrated solution for accepting, optimizing, prioritization and fulfillment of customer orders—the complete solution for representing the order-to-cash process from order to payment.

Based on a central dashboard and integrated Business Intelligence, the solution always offers the latest information about the status of orders, deliveries, billing and after-sale service. Therefore, the entire fulfillment process can be orchestrated and optimized in a very short time, saving valuable time that can be used to handle exceptional cases.

Because of its SOA-based integration architecture, the Order Management Cloud can not only be used with other Oracle Cloud modules, but especially for the expansion and modernization of existing legacy ERP applications. For this reason, Order Management Cloud can also be used as a central Order Management solution by companies with multiple ERP solutions, for example to harmonize the fulfillment processes in the context of mergers and acquisitions.

Order Management Cloud Modules

  • Oracle Order Management
    With this solution, companies can manage customer orders accurately and efficiently from offer to payment (Order-to-Cash). The Order Management Cloud is pre-integrated with Oracle CPQ (Configure, Price and Quote) Cloud, Inventory Cloud and Financials Cloud. This allows for seamless order processing for standard and configured items, drop shipments, and repetitive services.
  • Oracle Configurator Cloud
    The Oracle Configurator Cloud serves the configuration of supply, pricing and products within the order management processes. Thanks to the integration with the Oracle Cloud CPQ Service , configurations of offers (e.g. by customers on their website) can be turned directly into orders. Thus, the entire order-to-cash process can be displayed seamlessly via integration with Inventory Cloud Service and Financials Cloud Service. For more information, see Configurator Cloud.
  • Oracle Global Order Promising
    The Oracle Global Order Promising Cloud Service is used to optimize the handling of customer orders. Global Order Promising performs a continuous alignment of client orders with available inventory, supplier and production capacities and calculates the optimal delivery dates and places of performance. An almost arbitrary number of available factors can be introduced in the calculation (for example, production, storage, vendor and third-party business capacities, flow and delivery times). Based on the overall optimization, the system then proposes corresponding stock movements and changes in order and production volumes. To this end, the solution is tightly integrated with the Order Management Cloud and the modules in Supply Chain Management.

For more information, please visit Oracle Order Management Cloud.