Oracle Inventory & Cost Management Cloud

Manage your own resources optimally while correlating with the budget. All this is offered by the Inventory and Cost Management Cloud.

The Inventory and Cost Management Cloud bases on the experiences of a large number of users and their best practices. The unitary, centralized inventory and cost management allows for decentralized management of material flows and processes. The integrated management of material flows, inventory processes and product costs offers users a variety of possibilities. Not least, the entire supply chain can be managed in the cloud in order to achieve overall synergies.

Benefits include full transparency, enabling for proactive monitoring of warehouse operations and inventory. In addition, the solution offers configurable and flexible management of costs, which can be associated according to given requirements. The core of the solution is the comprehensive material management, which enables the complete management of incoming goods and inventory. In addition, the solution provides broad cost reporting based on the integrated BI components, with which both external and internal requirements of modern reporting are fulfilled.

A fast introduction is provided by our Oracle Inventory Cloud Kickstart.

For more information, please visit: Oracle Inventory and Cost Management Cloud.