Oracle Service Cloud

The Service Cloud (formerly RightNow) by Oracle represents one of the world’s leading, comprehensive applications for service centers. Developed from the ground up as a cloud solution, the Service Cloud offers cross-channel, consistent service requests and requirements management.

The solution offers companies a cross-channel contact center with integration into their own back office solutions, websites, and social networks. Using the integrated knowledge management, best practices and solutions for typical problems can be made available online very easily. The related, extensive self-service functionality for end-users allow for reducing the number of incoming service center requests, relieving the staff, and thus to give them more time to process other requests.

The dynamic agent desktop provides for easier processing by the service staff. Customers can make their requests in their preferred communication style (e.g. live chat, email, phone, mobile, social network…) and are available for the internal staff in one single interface. This eliminates the integration of various channels of communication in collaborative processes.

The solution’s modular design allows using individual solution elements flexibly in other processes. So, for example, the integration of the live chat on the website can support the sales efforts.

Pre-built integrations with Oracle Sales Cloud, Field Service Cloud and Oracle Policy Automation help to minimize the introduction costs and ensure consistent, seamless processes throughout the entire customer life cycle. Pre-built accelerator solutions provide pre-built integration solutions for the market leading on-premise solutions Oracle E-Business Suite and Siebel. Hence, existing investments in solutions can be secured, and they can also be expanded by the functionalities offered by the Service Cloud.

The Oracle Service Cloud is suitable to continuously, consistently and intuitively map all service processes in the enterprise and integrates seamlessly with existing applications. The PROMATIS Service Cloud Kickstart offers a quick and easy introduction.

The Service Cloud offers, for example, the following functions:

  • Oracle Service Cloud Cross-Channel Contact Center
    The Cross-Channel Contact Center provides quick and easy service support across multiple channels for your customers.
  • Oracle Service Cloud Dynamic Agent Desktop
    The Dynamic Agent Desktop combines service requests across all communication channels and gives service employees the information relevant at the current time while processing requests.
  • Oracle Service Cloud Analytics
    Continuous analysis and business intelligence capabilities provide a consistent view of all points of contact with the customer (touch points), including service, sales, marketing and feedback functions. This enables operators to trace the customer experience across departments and to derive corresponding trends.
  • Oracle Service Cloud Chat
    The Service Cloud Chat offers customers a direct communication channel with the company via live chat. Chat sessions can be offered pro-actively based on defined rules and triggers, or the customer can initiate them. For instance, in addition to product information provided on a website, customers can chose to a chat with a sales representative.
  • Oracle Service Cloud Standalone Cobrowse
    With the Cobrowse Dynamic Agent Desktop, the service staff can see a customer’s screen in real time. Usually, problems can be solved very quickly and easily, cooperatively with the customer. The service is easy to launch, allows the necessary visibility, and maintains the customer’s privacy and security.
  • Oracle Service Cloud Email Management
    With Email Management, sending automated responses for frequently asked questions could reduce incoming emails for the staff. The answers are based on a knowledge base, while important emails are escalated to the right people.
  • Oracle Service Cloud Feedback
    Oracle Service Cloud Feedback is a fully integrated multi-channel feedback-solution that records, evaluates, and answers critical customer feedback.
  • Oracle Service Cloud Guided Assistance
    Using Guided Assistance, instructions leading to a desired solution through targeted questions and answers can be created for both staff and customers. These instructions are made available either internally for service employees or externally for customers, for them to use directly.
  • Innovation Community Cloud Service
    The Innovation Community Cloud Service opens a direct communication channel to customers with ideas for products, processes, or services. Hence, innovative customer ideas can be collected and appreciated accordingly.
  • Oracle Policy Automation for Mobile Devices
    Mobile employees are increasingly expected to make decisions on prices, risks, and suitability immediately on the road. This can enhance the customer experience and corporate compliance.
  • Self Service for Facebook
    Self-Service for Facebook is directly integrated into the social network “Facebook”. This allows extending direct customer communication to additional channels. Self-service functionalities, crowd service, and direct interaction with service employees can be made available in a customer service tab on the Facebook page.
  • Knowledge Management and Web Self Service
    Knowledge Management offers comprehensive knowledge management to provide customers with intuitive self-service functionalities.
  • Policy Automation
    Policy Automation allows for the automation of service guidelines and the provision of extensive self-services.

For more information, see Oracle Service Cloud.