Oracle Sales Cloud

The Oracle Sales Cloud service is a complete, integrated sales force automation and partner management solution. It was developed based on cutting-edge technologies and the knowledge gained in more than 20 years of leadership in global sales solutions, such as Siebel CRM and PeopleSoft CRM.

The Oracle Sales Cloud stands for comprehensive functionality in partner management, customer data management, and sales. It maps the entire lead-to-order process from the first sales contact and contract conclusion to ongoing customer care and generating repeat business. This also includes a variety of analytic functions and mechanisms to secure the data quality and the enforcement of data management regulations (governance).

The Sales Cloud service accelerates and optimizes all sales stages, from territory and sales management to analysis and forecasts. The solution’s special focus on usability is underlined by its mobile usability for tablets or smartphone (iOS, Android, and BlackBerry) as well as the full integration with MS Outlook and IBM Notes.

Sales management automation, establishing a 360° view of customers and prospective customers, partner relationship management and monitoring sales performance: all of this is possible using the Oracle Sales Cloud. A quick introduction is offered with the PROMATIS Sales Cloud Kickstart.

As a central system for a true 360° view of the customer, the Sales Cloud is designed based on SOA using comprehensive business intelligence technologies. Pre-built integrations with the Oracle Marketing Cloud and the Oracle Service Cloud deliver continuous processes from marketing management to service needs. Besides other Oracle solutions, marketing, service, and commerce solutions by other leading software suppliers can be very easily integrated for continuous, seamless processes thanks to the Sales Cloud’s service-oriented integration architecture.

Due to the sometimes quite different sales processes in various industries, the Sales Cloud is also available in several dedicated industry versions. Currently, Oracle offers solutions for communications (telecommunications), consumer goods (retail), high tech and manufacturing, as well as financial services.

Components of Sales Cloud

  • Sales Cloud Base: automation for sales teams
    Oracle Sales Cloud offers a variety of ways to meet the key requirements of sales representatives. User-friendly productivity tools such as the Sales Coach (for e.g. new employees), sales opportunity assessment, call reports, and a centralized team calendar keeps sales representatives up to date with information and guidance to increase their conversion rate.
  • Analytics
    The integrated Sales Cloud Analytics provide real-time dashboards, recommendations, and predefined reports. The intuitive business intelligence tools facilitate the creation of mobile, interactive reports and dashboards and the sales staff can access them anytime, from anywhere.
  • Sales Predictor
    The Sales Predictor provides customizable rules for the turnover and sales forecasts based on sophisticated predictive modeling technologies. It helps to find correlations in buying behavior based on customer purchasing data and to generate product recommendations for further customers. Salespeople are actively informed about leads or opportunities because they can be fed automatically into the system. This can be used ideally as a memory function (for example, in the distribution of consumables or also regarding pending service extensions)!
  • Sales Performance Management
    Companies can react faster, more flexibly, and more responsively with Sales Performance Management to improve sales efficiency and to achieve profit targets. With productivity and training tools for salespeople, costs for on-boarding and launching are significantly reduced. The tools to manage quota and distribution areas offer various automation and planning capabilities that allow aligning the sales targets for the sales representatives to the overall sales strategy.
  • Sales Campaigns
    Sales Campaigns offers sales representatives a simple and quick implementation of sales campaigns without marketing support. Their own client and prospects base can be provided with recycled content through the system, simply via drag & drop as multi-stage campaigns. Various filtering options help to identify the right person. They give the sales representative the possibility to optimally use and feed information on new products or even up-sell potentials into the pipeline using a self-service method.
  • Customer Hub and Customer Data Steward
    Together with the modules Customer Hub and Customer Data Steward, the Sales Cloud offers a comprehensive master data management (MDM) solution for managing customer data. Integration with other customer data systems (e.g. ERP, online shop, etc.) allows complete mapping for the MDM functionalities according to the Hub & Spoke principle. Various functionalities for data cleansing and data validation (such as the address verification service for automatic matching of customer addresses with official sources) or also for the accumulation of data through data-as-a-service provide complete transparency and always-highest data quality.
  • Oracle Incentive Compensation
    With Incentive Compensation, the Sales Cloud provides numerous possibilities to plan, implement, and optimize the compensation for sales representatives. Incentive Compensation can be tailored flexibly to sales territories, teams, customer groups, or individual salespersons. Remuneration can be based on both quantitative targets such as quotas, or opportunities as qualitative objectives. Real-time evaluation provides the remuneration status at any time, offering ideal control and analysis functions to monitor sales performance.
  • Partner Relationship Management
    Partner Relationship Management (PRM) maps the entirety of all partner management activities with complete self-service integration of partners in indirect sales. From creating business plans, partner on-boarding, lead sharing and creating offerings up to registering closed deals, Partner Relationship Management offers optimal collaboration in all indirect sales processes. The user-friendly partner web portal within the Oracle Sales Cloud, the KPI-driven dashboards, and the lead-to-ratio workflow enable channel sales teams to quickly integrate and manage partners and to support them optimally with their sales processes.
  • Oracle Enterprise Contracts
    Oracle Enterprise Contracts provides a complete solution to create and manage customer contracts. All parts of the contracts and clauses can be managed and monitored overall and maintained in Enterprise Contracts. Contract templates can be created and guidelines for corporate contracts can be established and standardized. Hence, contract risks are monitored comprehensively and requirements (internal controlling and to meet contractual obligations and statutory provisions) can be fulfilled optimally.
  • Sales Cloud for Smartphones und Tablets
    Oracle Sales Cloud provides user-friendly apps for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry devices, with which sales representative can do tasks on the go in the shortest time and with which they have access to comprehensive dashboards and reports at all times. This allows for mobile insights into team performance, pipeline, and progress in sales opportunities with user-friendly interactive dashboards any time.
  • Oracle Mobilytics
    Oracle Mobilytics provides never-before-seen mobile business intelligence for sales opportunities, pipeline, forecasts, and sales team performance. Interactive visualizations specifically for the iPad give insight into large amounts of data and enable users to make better decisions, to optimize revenue growth, to realign the strategy, and to improve sales performance.
  • Oracle Voice
    Oracle voice is a Siri-like virtual assistant that makes communication with the Oracle Sales Cloud easy, allowing users to switch between voice, touch, and typing as needed. Through a fast, easy and fun way to display and capture sales figures, the sales productivity and visibility across the enterprise improve.
  • Sales Cloud for Outlook
    Oracle Sales Cloud for Outlook offers a pre-built integration of the Sales Cloud into Microsoft Outlook™. Sales representatives can edit all sales activities with Microsoft Outlook™, a tool they are familiar with already. Data can be synchronized and the sales representatives can manage their time schedules as well as customer and sales data centrally, with a single tool, any time.
  • Sales Cloud for IBM Notes
    Oracle Sales Cloud for IBM Notes provides a pre-built integration of the Sales Cloud into IBM Notes™. Sales representatives can edit all sales activities with IBM Notes™, a tool that they are familiar with already. Data can be synchronized and the sales representatives can manage their time schedules as well as customer and sales data centrally, with a single tool, any time.

For more information, see Oracle Sales Cloud.