PROMATIS Enterprise Cloud Services – Business Process Excellence from the Cloud

The complexity and uncertainty of business management can only be met with excellent business processes. How else could opportunities be taken advantage of, which are provided by technological change, war-for-talents, digital transformation and increasing global integration? How else can we tame volatile markets and how can we fulfill more stringent requirements in terms of governance, risk management and compliance?

Here, Business Process Excellence must take into account the changes in the economic environment. Therefore, sustainably excellent business processes trimmed to constant change are required!

Our solution is: Business Process Excellence from the cloud

And in a first step we check the processes for their potential for use in enterprise cloud services. Because: Not every business process is suitable for the cloud. A positive decision is easy in case of so-called “commodity processes”, where the value proposition is small for businesses and the ability to adapt to branch- or industry standards is high.

The decision is much more difficult, however, when it comes to “value champions”, i.e. the processes that bear real competitive advantages. A complete shift of all processes into the cloud is often excluded. In contrast, there is great potential in using high performing and, in many cases, industry-specific cloud. Exploiting this potential for our customers is the mission we follow with the PROMATIS Enterprise Cloud Services.

Characteristics of cloud-based Business Process Excellence solutions:

  • Economic and fast implementation of business strategies
  • Provision of continuous and enterprise-wide business processes
  • Standard-based integration of cloud services and applications
  • Use of practice-proven reference processes
  • Unique user experience: agile, efficient, collaborative, mobile

Currently, solutions in the following areas are available:

  • ERP & SCM
    The new standard for modern enterprise software in the back office: The Oracle cloud solutions in the areas of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Supply Chain Management (SCM). Single use or as a full suite, best-of-breed solutions with a unique user experience and embedded Business Intelligence.
  • Customer Experience
    Mapping of the entire customer life cycle for an integrated Customer Experience Management (CX / CEM). Marketing, sales, service, commerce, social and data management. Can be used separately as best-of-breed solutions or together in a full suite.
  • Human Capital Management
    Modern human resources from the cloud to represent all HR processes. From recruiting and on-boarding through management and talent management to payroll and solutions for payroll outsourcing.
  • Enterprise Performance Management
    Cloud solutions for a sustainable increase of effectiveness and efficiency in the company. From planning, budgeting, and forecasting to consolidation and reporting.

Pre-configured PROMATIS Kickstart packages for the solutions mentioned above for a rapid implementation of process improvements at a fixed price, see kickstart.

Our services for Enterprise Cloud:

  • Strategy and Business Consulting
  • Business Process and Change Management
  • Assistance in product selection regarding suitable cloud solutions
  • Pre-configured kickstart packages for the rapid implementation of process improvements
  • Project management and quality assurance in implementation projects
  • System integration
  • Implementation of public, private and hybrid cloud solutions
  • User training and coaching
  • Operational support and development of the solution